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About us

About the Academy  

In this fast-moving world, it is the ability to become lifelong learners that help us be on top of every challenge and change. We eagerly learn, improve, and at the end of every day, we all succeed.

Welcome to London Academy for Business and Law LABL, a truly unique international Academy – LABL – where we embrace the values of respect, happiness, cooperation and positivity to lead your skills on an incredible learning journey.

We pride ourselves on our integration of technology into our learning environments where our curriculum allows technology to support and enhance student learning. Wireless network connectivity is available throughout our academy, and all classrooms are resourced with interactive whiteboards or data projectors.

Mission Statement

The London Academy for business and Law recognizes its responsibility to provide opportunities to the candidate we serve which will enable them to experience professional success as well as social and emotional growth.


Our educational professional   program is offered in a modern facility. The academy enjoys both a convenience location and the tranquility of being adjacent to a quiet natural wildlife preserve.

The London academy for Business and Law was founded in London on the vision of three entrepreneurs in the education industry who wanted to create academy that educates students to be globally-minded. This initiative sprouted from the Britain educational philosophy of HE (heart) MI (mind) BO (body) so that students can enter the world as global citizens with the ability to understand others, be empathic, and express the desire to reduce conflict according for the skills which they had learned it .
These elements aligned well with the IB educational philosophy and principles. After LABL opened its doors to candidate on 6 Jan 2001, the Academy successfully adopted the Programmed. Since then, the Academy has grown from a mere 33 Candidate up to 2003 to a student community of 6520 over the course of 15 years pan the world. Today LABL plays host to a community of over 45 nationalities speaking nearly 28 languages all of them they speak English as the first language in addition of other science.
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Academy and launch

Vision, Mission and Philosophy


Excellence and Achievement in a Caring Environment



To prepare all candidates to be the most innovative and successful individuals they can be



To provide an authentic and rich candidate centered environment

To inspire and support all students to create, express and lead, through an inclusive approach.

To develop digitally fluent and responsible citizens through innovation, use of technologies and entrepreneurship.

To develop tolerance in students with a deep sense of personal and cultural identity rooted in international mindedness.

To promote an appreciation of social cultures

To enquire, reflect, take meaningful action and develop personal responsibility in line with the academy Philosophy.


Our values are reflected in the academy Profile. We strive to be: inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-takers, balanced and reflective.

Academy Policies

We aim to provide our parents, students, staff and the wider community with a clear overview of the policies and procedures that are in place to guarantee that we operate efficiently and safely.

If you have any questions on the policies listed below feel free to let us know or send an email to

LABL say, you have to look below to know our academy policies:

  • Admissions Policy
  • Anti-Bullying Policy
  • Candidate Protection Policy
  • Communications & Complaints Policy
  • Inclusion Policy
  • Students Well Being Policy
  • Technology Vision
  • Fees Discount Policy
  • Distance Learning
  • Academic Honesty Policy
  • Assessment Policy
  • Behavior and Sanctions Policy
  • Online Safety Policy
  • Social media Policy
  • Language Policy
  • Gifted-and-Talented-Policy