Academy UK Government Registration Number: 12740167

On behalf of the London Academy for Business and Law (LABL) and its Curriculum Committee, it is with great pleasure that I extend a warm welcome to each of you for your participation at our 2022 – 2023 Academy Curriculum. Whether you are joining us online or here at the Academy.  I hope you enjoy the intentionally designed hybrid general and breakout sessions intended to inspire. While the deliberate sessions are designed for structured interaction, the programs also has built in mixers to allow attendees the opportunity to talk with training curriculum , ask questions, share stories, and meet new colleagues.


Training Curriculum in the Academy is a place where thought provoking educators, leaders, researchers, advocates, and practitioners join to build connections, learn within communities of practice, and empower one another through shared knowledge to transform institutions and ultimately students’ experiences.


This year’s theme Delivering on the Promise of Higher Training through LABL  Curriculum speaks to LABL commitment to the largest system of higher Training Curriculum in the nation to continue efforts to provide affordable Training , support for Candidates success services, protection of Professional freedom and the advancement of inclusion, diversity, equity, anti-racism, and accessibility. During LABL general sessions the London Academy Chancellor’s Office, Candidates leaders, Chief Instructional Officers and LABL leaders will discuss transformational change and provide updates in our system around legislation and Training curriculum.


Thank you for your commitment to issues related to the development, review, implementation, and assessment of all aspects of Candidates -centered curriculum. The success of the training Curriculum would not be possible without overseers of our higher Training promise, and the collaborative efforts of you and this community of champions who help steward LABL  mission to advance student access and Candidates success.

Dr. A. El Siekh
LABL Curriculum Chair 2022-2023