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Vision and mission


Student development is one of the biggest drivers in local and international market engagement, according to AIAL Culture latest data. Directly linked to motivation and retention, employee development can critically impact both individual satisfaction and business performance.

Backed by rigorous teacher’s science, Develop by AIAL culture   empowers managers and employees to have high-quality growth conversations, set personalized development goals, and set a clear and motivating action plan.

Make professional growth measurable, scalable, and easy for employees, managers, and HR teams. See how you can grow and retain your student with London Academy – the only personalized solution for effective, continuous development.

10th Responsibility LABL point of view

Responsibility is accepting what is required and carrying out the task to the best of your ability.

Responsibility is carrying out duties with integrity.

When one is responsible, there is the contentment of having made a contribution.

As a responsible person, I have something worthwhile to offer — so do others.

A responsible person knows how to be fair, seeing that each gets a share.

With rights there are responsibilities.

Responsibility is not only something that obliges us, but also something that allows us to achieve what we wish.

Each person can perceive his or her own world and look for the balance of rights and responsibilities.

London Academy responsibility requires respect for all human beings.

Responsibility is using our resources to generate a positive change.


The purpose of the Student education in London academy is to develop student’s skills (in noticing, expressing, coaching, and presentation), student clarity of intent, and there relationships with each other in order to create a breakthrough in our individual and collective abilities to study Real Honesty.

It’s an opportunity for face-to-face practice with peers, to learn from experienced real Honesty Trainers, and to benefit from the cooperation, support, and feedback from other real Honesty practitioners.

Also in pursuit of advanced learning and eventual London academy certification.

Happiness & Kindness

Why London academy Teaching Values Is Important for the Next Generation.

Teachers and mentors are some of the most influential people in a student life. As a result, creating a teaching environment which promotes and respects values is essential to ensure the next generation grow up being happy and feeling empowered.

Encouraging kindness in the classroom will create a positive environment for students and inspire them to be kind in other areas of their lives. Ready to start incorporating values into your lesson plans? Follow London academy guide, with some of our favorite tips.